Broad Brook Elementary School Case Study

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Broad Brook Elementary is a diverse Preschool through 4th grade school. Per report from Ms. Foxx, the current Broad Brook School principal, in the 2013-2014 school year Broad Brook Elementary School had a highly functioning School Governance Council (SGC) but lacked a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The intent of the SGC at Broad Brook Elementary School is to engage with families and community members and dialogue about overall student achievement, with all that is encompasses. In the 2014-2105 school year the PTO began to resurrect with new parent membership and with a dynamic PTO president. Progress was noted with family events being organized and parents began engaging. Broad Brook was still working toward its mission of improving weak communication, which was repeatedly identified on parent surveys given by the Safe School Climate. (SSC).
Per report from Ms. Foxx, information is anecdotal at this point and raw data including statistics in this area does not exist beyond the SSC surveys. According to the SSC members, anecdotally, overall communication has improved with parents with a few minimal changes at Broad Brook including resurrection of the PTO, teacher evaluation process (where staff are choosing to focus
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In addition, the more parents are involved in their children 's learning, the more significant are the achievement effects. The Center for Public Education (CPE) ("Center for Public Education," 2011) reports National survey data which shows that attending school meetings or events is the leading form of parent participation in schools, followed by school fundraising activities. According to (Henderson & Mapp, 2002), attending parent conferences, open houses and other types of school functions provide an exceptional type of parent engagement because these functions help parents to understand the school structure and get to know
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