'Broad Daylight': A Short Note On Gangs

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As I go further throughout this chapter, I began to realize this chapter is about judgment of character, where you from and the ongoing justice for black lives. One of the interesting things about this chapter is where it explains the situation where the police commissioner is dealing with his fellow officers, as they wonder what side is he actually on. Which was also confusion. For example, where the police commissioner would visit the community park and the gym, where the truce meetings were held. The confusion part of this chapter was that he would actually talk the gang members, some gave him the okay to communicate and some wanted to kill him, because of the obvious, of him being a cop. Also where he expressed his frustration with foul…show more content…
For example, in the “Broad Daylight” story, it explains how gangs share a brotherhood, like a second family where they would have your back no matter what circumstance. In this section of the story, the whole situation of gang places you should not cross, due to the affiliations of belonging to a gang that has rivals, that controls a certain part of a street or corner, but rules are always meant to be broken. For example, where the former gang member explains the fearless persona of invading in enemy gang territory and provoking acts of violence that could cause death for the self-satisfaction of respect and the fear amongst…show more content…
Basically the family like slash brotherhood that is attach in gangs. Whereas the same as your actual family, where you’re in a tough situation, your family is there to give you a helping hand, that’s the same when it comes to gangs, they notice a sense of trouble, and are willing to retaliate with violent and deadly force. Gangs also provides a sense of security, like a street corner that has been claimed, gang territory to point it out. Where all the members that a part of gang have a place where they do not feel threated by their

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