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6.8. Client and Broadspire agree to the following terms for Arkansas insured workers’ compensation claims; (i) Broadspire is acting on behalf of the insurer for the payment of claims both within and in excess of the deductible; (ii) Broadspire shall periodically provide accurate and timely data to the Client’s Arkansas workers’ compensation insurance carrier (“Carrier”) on all claims paid from “first dollar”; (iii) the Carrier shall immediately replenish the Loss Fund Account if it is not replenished timely by the Client and shall bill the Client for such amount; and if the Loss Fund Account is funded by the Client, Broadspire must notify injured workers that the claim is being adjusted and will be paid on behalf of the Carrier; (iv) the…show more content…
6.11. The following provisions will apply to any Oregon claims handled by Broadspire under this Agreement: (a) Pursuant to ORS 731.475 (3) (b) Client hereby grants a power of attorney to Broadspire to act for Client in workers ' compensation coverage and claims proceedings under ORS Chapter 656. This grant of power of attorney is retroactive to the date Broadspire first started processing claims for Client in the State of Oregon. (b) In addition, Broadspire agrees that they shall not perform any Services in the State of Oregon for which Broadspire is not lawfully permitted to perform. 6.12. Client and Broadspire agree, for Tennessee claims that, as applicable to either or both parties, all Tennessee Insurance Laws, Regulations and lawful orders of the Commissioner shall be followed and fully adhered to, including, but not limited to, Tenn. Code Ann. § 50-6-405 and Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs.,

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