Broadway Cafe: Business Analysis

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The analysis team conducted a detail survey and comes across the answers to the questions published under ISSUE title. As the café was still running in the old fashion way with no use of technology it was the main factor that affected the business and to conquer it, upgrading business practices with information systems is must. Which will help preserve the knowledge of older employees for future business operations, bring in a new generation of customers, and guide management in making the best strategic decisions in future operations.
4.1 Porter 's Analysis :
One hurdle for the Broadway café is the high Buyer Power force it must overcome. Cafes are a dime a dozen. The café is located on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn which is terrific location and has been local hotspot but there are 97 restaurants serving a population of 47,826 people, offering potential customers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from with a wide variety of dining options (city-data, 2013). A customer loyalty program is one way to lower this force; however, such a solution requires a “large-scale IT system ,” which could be cost-prohibitive for a small business like the café. Another way to lower this force
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If the café offers a particularly popular dish, produced with a unique recipe that no other café has access to, then the café will effectively lower this force. As the only switching costs the café has over its customers is the price of a meal versus the prices offered by the café’s competitors, maintaining a unique selection of popular meals based on recipes that other restaurants do not have access to is the best strategy for keeping this threat to a
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