Broca's Aphasia Case Study Essay

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1. What are Gary’s areas of concern?
Gray has working memory deficits that might impact his daily life activities. Therefore, he would have problems with skills that he knew before, but he cannot remember them. Also, he might forget easily any new information and skills in the daily life. He has difficulties with remembering words and using the words propriety in the sentence. His impulsive thoughts makes him angry and impulsive. He would not be able to understand other people’s conversation, so he would not accept other people assistant. He might be concern about communication with people around him including his therapist and friends because, due to Broca’s aphasia patient would not be able to speak fluently.

2. Please explain Broca’s aphasia. What are the classic signs of Broca’s aphasia? Speech production is. The number of words per minutes are low and
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Therefore, somebody should be at the home to take care of him because his mother would not be able to take care of him. . His mother has a history of hypertension and his father is alcoholic. I should encourage him to work with speech therapist and physical therapist to resolve his speech deficits and behavioral issues. So, I should consider if his insurance covers physical therapy, speech and occupation therapy seasons treatment for him. I should consider if there is some body that takes him to the rehabilitation center for taking therapy. Also, he needs to visit a psychiatrist consequently for his behavioral problems. I should assess his thinking skills including, orientation, memory, attention, concentration, judgment, and getting involved in community activities. I should work with Gray on underlying skills such as, stretch, balance and trunk control. I might assess his sensation to light, touch and noise. I should refer him to an optometrist to assess his

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