Brock Turner's Dichotomy

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Introduction Horace’s assertion regarding adversity and character directly correlates the two by saying if you have had hardship then it will build your character. Martin Luther King Jr lived his life constantly facing racial discrimination and used that hardship to do great things and fight for the segregation that he struggled with. Contrary to MLK a college student, Brock Turner, lived his life as an average wealthy white kid who later raped a girl. The dichotomies between the two prove that your past does shape you , it may not shape your for the better but it shapes you into the person you are and it influences your views and morals. Support Paragraph #1 Martin Luther King Jr lived his life as any black individual living in America…show more content…
Rather than living his life as an average educated and grand swimmer he chose an unpleasant path; Brock raped a girl. Turner’s life was not hard, and he didn’t have struggles and knew that he could get away with more because he was wealthy and white, which he did by facing only 3 months of jail time. He didn 't have the hardships of growing up in a society that did not approve of him, and did not have to prove himself to make up for his past years. Turner could have chose to do good things and use his wealth to further himself but instead he did what he wanted. He used the benefits of not having deprivation in his past to shape his future by not caring about anyone but himself and possibly the hardship that he faced with the 3 months of jail time he will use to shape himself into a better man. Conclusion Horace’s comparison between your past and your character is very reasonable, whether you have had hardship or you have not had hardship it still shapes your views and how you perceive your goals. Martin Luther King Jr portrays how you can have plenty of hardship in your life but still do great things and make a difference in the world. Brock Turner shows how having an easy life and not having to deal with much can lead to not caring for others and doing only what you want. The divide between the two shows that no matter your hardship or lack of hardship it still shapes your personality

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