Brofenbrenner's Ecological Model Analysis

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When you 're a new parent it is scary and very intimidating at first. The best thing you can do for yourself and your child is to learn more about what is best for them and understanding their different stages in life. There are many different stages that our children go through such as, self-esteem, socialization skills, Brofenbrenner 's ecological model, and technology advancements. Also a good way to help your child deal with life would be with parenting styles, child care environments, influence of peers, and child care environments. A good thing for a new parent to know is Bronbenbrenner 's Ecological Model. This model was based off of four systems Microsystems, Mesosystems, Exosystems, and Macrosystems. The microsystems…show more content…
It is up to the parents and teachers to show them how to use technology properly and to explain to them the positive and negative affects it may have on them. Social media being both positive and negative it is important for parents to teach their children that yes it is a positive thing to have because children get to explore and learn about people and their cultures but there are also dangers lurking around the corner. Children having phones is another positive and negative just like social media. I say this because it is important for children to have that experience with technology but it is also important to show them that their are dangers that come with phones as well. Video games and television are positive and negative as well. if a child is exposed to these things within moderation it can become a positive thing for them but if not it can become a problem. Self-esteem is another stage children go through in their lives and it is very important for parents and teachers as well to help a child build up his or her self-esteem. What we teach children will affect them as they grow older. If a parent or teacher uses the…show more content…
Center-Based programs are a for-profit organization that are accredited by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or are licensed by a state agency (Bojczyk, Shriner, & Shriner, 2012). These types of programs help prepare a young child for an actual school. These programs help children with learning how to be around and react towards and with other children. This program also teach children daily routines. Nannies are for parents that are no completely ready to put their child into a school setting. Nannies stay in the home while the parents are either at work or doing other things that they cannot bring their children along. Nannies provide the care in the home and are mostly in charge of daily tasks and routines that are created by the parent. Some parents find that nannies are better to have because nannies are more open to how the parent or guardian wants the child to be raised. Family based programs are a little different than center based programs or nannies. For parents that are strict on religion or culture find that family based programs are
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