Personal Narrative Essay: My First Broken Bone

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My first broken bone was also a very good lesson that I would never forget. When I was 9
I was such a tom boy I played football, soccer and even played cops and robbers, but I never
Thought I was the same as anyone else because of my tendency to be able to get along so well with
The guys. I was even better at some sports then most of them everyone knew who I was and I loved it.

The morning I broken my bone I was enjoying Saturday morning cartoon me and my siblings never really hung out much because they were always at my aunt’s house but when we were together it was very nice and I would even take some time out of going outside with my friends to enjoy some football so I could spend some quality time with them.
But this day my sister really
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It was a great plan so I proceeded with it, everything went as played but as soon as soon as I wen t for the just I noticed Kelvins cousin jumping to he blocked the ball I fell he fell and landed right on my arm. I felt a really bad pain and what felt like dead weight hanging from my shoulder I screamed! I couldn’t believe it I had a broken arm I was so confused and could only think about getting home. My sister ran quickly to me and helped me up we hurried home so that our parents could take us to the hospital My mom and dad were furious.

My first broken bone was a lesson in disguise I learned never be so quick try to impress other’s and when playing sport with your friends just play for the fun of it don’t play to and expect to win. Ever since I broke my arm I started to take things a lot easier especially when playing sports everything is not a competition play fair and treat others how you want to be

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