Broken Heart Poem Analysis

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Rolson Jakabot
Elizabeth Switaj
ENG 210-1
Poetry Essay
Broken Heart First of all, I am going to describing my broken heart of a mother who’s having problems in a family, as well as the readers want to know what happened with these two poems Marks and At the Hospital. Now we’re going to find out what was happened in these poems as the authors were talking about into it. There are many different of the poems in the many kind of situation of the pattern of sounds, but the audiences want to know these poems just as the authors who created the poems. First we have to looking for the authors of these two poems and we wants to know what’s going on at the poems, to know what’s going on into the poems and anything about the poems with the senses. Anyway, to describe the meaning of the topic we have to find some connections or elements of these poems with the authors.
At the same time, I was describing them and I showed that the both authors were the publisher from the America. So the people who make this poem Marks is Linda Pastan; she’s an American poet of Jewish background, and she has writing a lot of the poems about the issues that caused the family life, death, fear of lose, lose, motherhood, and also the female experiences at home. These can including the relationships or the life, as I convert to the women that had broken heart with a family. Indeed, as her feeling about this poems to the broken heart can describing the ways of a person who got heart breaking with someone
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