Broken Heirs Novel Analysis

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One man on a journey to find the lost treasure of Broken Heirs. Neil Gibbs is going to cross the deepest part of the South Pacific Ocean, cross treacherous rapids, climb steep mountains infested with man-eating creatures, and cannibals after him. What he did to infuriate them, is a secret only to be revealed in this tale of life or death.

Neil Gibbs was on an ordinary exploration trip to search for the treasure of a Broken Heirs, a treasure worth billions of dollars and is millions of years old. He was determined to be the first explorer to find it, but he had competition, Aria Steele. Aria was one of the very few women explorers wanting to find the treasure. Both knew about the dangers of the journey, but both were courageous enough
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Reed barely caught the rope in his hand, before he lost his grip on the railings. Neil pulled in Reed as quickly as he could. Reed thanked Neil for saving his life. They were trying to find a way to keep their balance on this ever so dangerous boat ride. Aria, on the other hand, faced no challenges and arrived at the island with 3 hours to spare. She tied up her boat and began the journey to find the treasure. She trudged through the mud. She got to a spot that look perfectly fine until she stepped into it. Quicksand! She grabbed her emergency rope and tied it to the nearest tree and pulled. She pulled and pulled until till she finally got her feet out. She knew she couldn 't cross the pit so she did the next best thing. She swung across the pit, landing with grace and skill. After, she tripped and stumbled over the overgrown roots and got hit in the face with tree branches, earning herself a few scratches. Neil and Reed had just arrived to the shore. Reed informed Neil that another explorer was searching for the treasure. And that the explorer was a…show more content…
They barely made it out of the room of rooms, before facing a new challenge, the cannibals. They all seemed to have cleared their vision. Aria noticed a path that lead around them, but they had to be very quiet or else they would get caught. They snuck out of the side and we 're just a few feet from being home free, but Neil dropped his transistor radio, creating a loud screeching sound. The cannibals spotted them and headed straight for them. They ran and ran for miles, until they saw where they had docked their boats. Reed knew Aria wouldn 't be getting her boat started by herself, so he dragged her onto their boat. They climbed aboard and started it as quickly as possible.

“You 're a real life saver you know that Mr. Dauzat?” Aria asked.

“I try my best,” Reed said.

“Well I guess your best deserves a kiss from someone you fancy, hmm?” Aria asked with a smirk.

“Well I mean I don 't kno-” But he was cut off with Aria kissing him on the lips.

“I appreciate you saving us Ms. Steele, but could you leave the love-making for another time?” Neil questioned.

“Come on Neil, live a little,” Reed said before kissing Aria once again.

“Oh brother,” Neil said before leading them back to Fiji to tell of their journey to find the treasure of Broken Heirs.

Once they returned home, they were greeted with interviewers and news stations waiting to get their hands on the details about the temple and their treasures. Neil told the story in great detail
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