Broken Home In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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“Enrique feels he would rather be with his mother than get the money and the gifts she sends.” 26, Enrique’s journey, Sonia Nazario. This immigrant boy called Enrique says he prefers to live in poverty rather than not having his mother at his side. After reading the book Enrique’s Journey, I have learned that is not worth it for a mother to abandon her children just to follow the American dream with the illusion of provide a better future for them. Broken homes causes many problems in our society, particularly, abandoned children grow up with low self-esteem and resentful feelings, they choose bad companies and they often consume drugs or alcohol. There are more damages than benefits for the families that are separated because one or both parents came to United States to work. Those parents let their children in their origin countries with grandparents or other relatives who take care of them. They do not know if they would be together soon or not, like Lourdes, who promised to go back with her children many times, and she never did. Pg. 36 “Christmas arrives, and Enrique waits by the door. She does not come. Every year, she promises. Every year, he is disappointed, and his anger grows.” Those abandoned children grow up resentful for being abandoned.…show more content…
It remains me of both of my parents who were abandoned by their mothers when they were just babies. Both were raised by their grandmothers in poverty conditions. My mom grew up with love and good care, while mi dad suffer the lack of love, care, and food. As a result, my father was very resentful with his mother, while mi mom understood the reasons why her mom did not take care of her. My parents suffer a lot when they were children; my dad used to drink lots of alcohol. The only one who could heal his heart was God and after that he finally could forgive his
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