Broken In The Criminal Justice System

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Some people believe that our justice system is broken. I 'm here to say otherwise... Not too long ago, Obama actually gave a speech about our criminal justice system. He called for better conditions for prisoners, saying, "They are also Americans." He deplored overcrowding. He said he had asked for a review of solitary confinement, declaring that it was "not going to make us safer" to hold an inmate alone in a cell for 23 hours a day. And he condemned prison rape and said it should be treated more seriously. "We shouldn 't be making jokes about it in our popular culture," he said. "That 's no joke." He also said the country needed to make it easier for offenders to re-enter society after prison. He endorsed the effort to "ban the box", meaning the question many employers ask applicants about past…show more content…
All that he said is true, our incarceration system is just not working, its also putting innocent people into jail with no hope of ever getting out. Imagine the families! They would either be heartbroken that their family went to jail wrongfully or would go on the rest of their lives believing their family had done a crime and (sometimes) had paid the ultimate price, death. Some of the people who were wrongfully accused were mentioned in my essay. They were Claude Jones, Carlos de Luna, and Leo Jones. While each of their stories is different, they all have the same idea behind what happened. They were "seen" at or around the crime scene. Someone falsely accused them by saying it was them to lighten their punishment. Or with false evidence against the accused. One of these victims, (Leo Jones) was forced to admit he was the one who committed the crime because the police officers compelled him to play Russian roulette while they were interrogating him. The judge still convicted him, and without another choice. Was killed by the electric chair. Another man was maliciously blamed for a crime by some of the people who were caught to lighten their

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