Broken Language In America

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Literacy in America is like a bowl of different size buttons, if you pick one at random you never know what you will pick up. America is suppose to be a free form country that allows an individual or a community to broadcast their own language without judgment, this is not always the case. Amy Tran author of “mother tongue” suggests that English speaking individuals see foreigners language as “broken” just because they don 't speak fluently. Richard Rodriguez author of “Aria: a Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” suggest that being restricted from his native language discouraged him from entertaining the idea that he also could become fluent in “English”. Both of these “essays” are stressing the fact that foreign literacy is judged by fluency.
Amy tran suggests that her “broken” language repels her from receiving the credit that is due. She stresses that other fluent English speaking individuals view her mom 's “native tongue ” as uneducated or “stupid”. She implies the understanding that her mom is very well coherent but lacks
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These two essays portray the same main idea. They were both “judged” by others due to the way they communicate. These individuals were restricted from something because their “language” wasn 't socially “acceptable”. Amy Tan 's mom was seen as illiterate for the sole reason that they could only understand 50 percent of what she said. Aria, the Spanish speaking boy, was also seen as illiterate in school because he didn 't coherently understand the English language.
Literacy in America has a very broad spectrum. America is portrayed to be a excepting country, as we know this idea can be destroyed. Amy Tan was portrayed to have “broken” english just because she did not talk as fluent as others. Aria was constricted from his native language and was disheartened because of it.These essays prove the fact that discrimination was alive then and is alive now. These stories are common in the fact that they both were looked down upon because they were
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