Broken To Be Healed Book Summary

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Broken to Be Healed by Matthew Teachey is an autobiography. The author’s goal in writing this was not only to keep others from going through what he did but also to help his family understand the reasoning behind his actions. The book is just over 250 pages and costs $9.99 on Amazon for the Kindle edition.

Mat Teachey’s life has been fraught with difficulty from his early childhood. He was never able to do anything right and earned a beating just about every day. His first stepfather was a liar who enjoyed giving him daily beatings. It was at the young age of 12 that he first ran away from home.

Eager to escape his less than perfect home life, Mat finds himself joining the Navy not long after graduating from High School. While in the Navy, he meets the love of his life, Cris. He and Cris get married, yet life is still far from perfect as they have their fair share of problems. Still, they muddle through and have two wonderful children, Steven and Elijah.

After the birth of their second son, Cris becomes
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In fact, a bible verse begins each chapter. Yet the message that I walked away with was that God is okay with whatever you do, right or wrong. I have no problems with the fact that God uses our mistakes and sins for His purposes, but I don’t use that to continue doing the wrong thing. Let me provide a quote from the book that exemplifies what I am talking about. “Learning to walk on eggshells back then must have been God’s way of toughening my nerves to enable me to keep my cool in the drug business.”

I started off with high hopes for this book, but I was disappointed. I enjoy seeing those who have turned their lives around, but I’m not sure that is the case here. If Mr. Teachey truly regrets his actions and has turned his life around, there needs to be some serious editing of this book. Therefore, I can’t give Broken to Be Healed anymore than 2 out of 4
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