Broken Windows Theory Research Paper

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We all heard the saying home is where your heart is, many people live representing where they are from. It shows a persons pride, strength, how they were raised, and who they are as a person. But does the area where you live have something to do with wether or not you 'll be apart of criminal justice system. We all think like that when you hear a person is from Westfield you may think they live in a big house and their family may be a little wealth. If you hear someone if from Newark you may get the perspection that the person come from a bad neighborhood, one parent might not be in the picture, or they maybe involve in gang activity. Still if that if that is the picture painted for both these areas, will the children that grow up in these…show more content…
With areas of higher crime rates it 's the total opposite, abandoned buildings, high rise apartments, and many vagrant people. The broken windows theory states "If a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge", meaning when one thing goes the whole town…show more content…
When this starts to happen crime develops, and for people that live their they become accustomed to the criminal environment. Still even though an area is bad doesn 't mean the people are, criminal behavior is taught by others. Once someone is doing something wrong they convince others that what their doing is nessary. Certian theory explains why other follow criminal behavior and why children and easily influenced to doso. Social theory implies that criminal behavior is learned through close relations with others, it asserts that children are born good but learned to be bad. This theory states that all people have the potential to become criminals because modern society presents many opportunities for illegal activity but one has the choice to not engage. If a child is raised in a clean community that has strong morals and if that child has positive role models at home and in the community, they more likely to grow up achieving her goals. In all while it maybe true that your surroundings and the people around you can be the reason behind someone becoming apart of the criminal justice system, but in my oppioin I believe it the person themselves. Whether we like it or not we know right from wrong, we may not see it when we are young but as time progresses we become
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