Brokerage Model And Strength-Based Model

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Case management is a critically important modality in the provision of effective services for individuals who are experiencing difficulty. It is an approach to organising interventions that address the needs and circumstances that significantly impede the life chances of an individual through a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services.
There are various forms of case management models and a range of theoretical lenses through which to view human development. However, these models can vary in accordance with the sector in which the dominant or priority issue is located, such as the health sector or the learning and development field. The variation within each of these areas implies that there is much discussion in the literature about the models that are most appropriate and effective for particular client groups, however, for this essay the Brokerage Model and Strengths-Based Model will be the compared models of case management.
Describe models
Module 1: Broker and generalist model
The brokerage model is a rather generic model usually applied in many fields of human service. It focuses on problem identification, plan development, and brokerage to services that will solve, or assist the client in solving the identified problems. Although one of the first models to emerge this model views the manager as the client’s advocate who is responsible for co-ordinating between various services and for the ongoing monitoring of

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