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Brom Island Brom 's Island is based off entirely off of my own dreams, ideas and visions of reality of my day to day life. This island is an existing planet far beyond space and time. I will give a brief summary a little about my island; It started in 2014 around October when I was having more vivid dreams. I was able to control them better then I have during my 18 years living on this earth. I would mostly dream of me as being one of my character, Kuma and during my younger years, I would always imagine myself as him as well. I remember being on top of a mountain as kuma in one of my dreams, this was the first experience I had when being able to lucid dream. I would get these dreams frequently. Me being on that mountain overlooking a green…show more content…
Galaxies Br-oms island once lived in a galaxy called Starland. Due issues in our galaxy with a certain beings on the planet that live there; the planet was moved to a whole other galaxy specifically named after BR-OM. This galaxy is a small but and beyond colorful. There is many ships who fly the shores of this galaxy coming from different planets and universes. They mostly are there to import good and explore different galaxies and planets among them. The galaxy contains floating orbs to keep the planets connected to one another. Brom island 's orb is in the center on the island and can make you teleport more faster from one planet to another. It is possible to teleport to galaxy to galaxy but takes a while and can be dangerous then rather doing it in your own galaxy. The planet your destine to go might lead you to somewhere else if the person is consciously thinking about it through their mind and heart. However there are ships that move at light speed, but takes longer than teleporting. They are near the docks of the island. This ships are not only able to dive in the depths of the ocean but also fly in the sky through space. There are not only universes in space but also in the waters, there are whirlpools that lead you to other galaxies and end up on another planet 's water grounds. The sea is so clear that you can see everything as if you were above ground. You also are able to breath underwater just as you were to be above ground. However if you are traveling it 's best to use the ship to dive deep to go into whirlpools, because the water is

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