Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Model Of Child Development

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An ecological system is a theory about how a child development is affected by their society and the world around them. This theory was developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner who is a Russian psychologist and is regarded as a pioneer in examining family structure an influence to a child’s development into adulthood. His development of the ecological systems is regarded and his greatest contribution to the psychology and child development. This essay intends to analyse Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model of Childs development and its implications to teaching. The four main systems that shape a child’s development .are the microsystem, mesosystem, the exosystem, the macro
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The main purpose of this model is to help in the development of a child and focus on the quality and context of a child’s development. The model contains the structures, relationships and interactions that a child has with the immediate surroundings. It is very crucial for this model to be used as a reference in the development of a child into an adult.
The main purpose of the model is to give us a clearer that are associated with the process of a child’s development. This model also helps identify problems that indirectly affect the child, meaning that this problems or obstacles that may come because of the family and peers and how they affect the child’s development. Bronfenbrenner believes that teachers should create a caring environment and create relationships with the children that can last for a life time. The theory also underlines that the problems that the child and the families face are caused by the conflict between the parent s workplace and the family
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The first core which is the microsystem which is regarded as the most of the ecological system influential and most crucial. Firstly in emphasises on the interaction of the child with the immediate surrounding and people which are mainly the parents, peers and the teachers. If the child has create communication and interaction with the above mentions, the child is most likely to perform well at school because they will be able to open up and communicate their problems to anyone and this will make it easier for them to focus on the academics instead of worrying about the lack of interaction especially with the teachers as they are the ones that play a major role in the academic

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