Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological System Essay

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Ecological systems theories were developed and put into practice by American psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner. He developed the ecological theory to emphasise the child development that occurs to various environments. These environments or systems corresponds and influence one another through different actions that occurs between them. He formulated the ecological system to explain how everything in a child starting from the environment the child lives in can affect growth and development.

It is the current and immediate surroundings in which the child lives in. It is a system that consists of the daily home, school, peer group or the community at large. Interactions within the micro system typical involve personal relationships between family members, classmates, edifies and caregivers. These relationships influence one another as child development it is influenced by these relationships. The immediate surroundings play a component role in the development of a child as, it has a direct influence on the child itself. According to Bronfenbrenner U.1997, the nurturing, more auxiliary interactions and relationships will understandably foster the child 's amended development.
Mesosystem it is a system
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System specializes in the interplay between numerous systems, and how, they have an effect on one another over time. For example, this will be dad and mom scolding a baby for disobedience, that 's an instance of microsystem and macrosystem interaction. At the same time as the dad and mom is the members of the microsystem they may be reinforcing a cultural notion that children should always pay attention to their parents. The notion over that is that the kid could grow as much as, be obedient and
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