Bronfenbrenner's Ecology Theory And Personal Development

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Ecology Theory and Personal Development
Wei Ya Jing
B 1202418
PSY 221
Department of Psychology
Ms. Siew Ju li

Ecology Theory and Personal Development There are lots of theories that talk about different views on what influences a person development, in this paper, it would particularly reflect on how the Bronfenbrenner’s ecology theory influences personal development. First, the microsystem. I am a girl from a single parent family, as my parents divorced when I am 12 years old (chronosystem) and I live with my mother and two younger sisters, my father stay and work at United Kingdom and we meet once a year. From this family background, it had shaped me to become more independent than others in the same age. Self-reliance
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Before meeting my current boyfriend (Alex), I always hurting myself when I feel stress and even plan to suicide. Alex and his family had been giving huge support for me and he even help me to overcome all these suffer, letting me know I am not alone as he will always be on my side (chronosystem). From getting along with his family, I start understand my mother from the view of parents and try to repair the relationship with my family. I had become more mature and start to thanks my mother for those training as it help me to adapt in the life which stay away from my family and I must be independent and discipline. Moreover, Alex also act as my confidant as I share almost all my emotion with him. As all children are loyal to their family, I am no exception, an action or a word of my mother will cause me to have huge change in emotion and Alex had accompany me through all these changes and…show more content…
I had encounter a new religion when meet with Alex’s family (Chondoist), and my family belief in Taoism, as some of the lesson teach is contradict with one another, and some behavior of his family is not consistence with the lesson delivered by the religion. This had make me start questioning about the religion and indirectly having more understanding about his family and also more interaction with my family. It lead me to knowing everything may have different way to define it, and it also make me understand that if I willing to initiate a communication with my family, they will also willing to communicate with me and so we can shared the quality time together. Besides, because Alex and me are growing up in a totally different family, through understanding each other, it also helps me to tolerant and accommodate his believes and values without clashing my

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