Bronfenbrenner's Theory Of Development

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There are various factors which contribute to human development from birth to old age and from birth, certain attachments are expected in order for development to be successful. Nature and nurture also comes into play when talking about human development from birth to her current age. The essay will discuss Hannah’s development in terms of thinking, language, being an only child, parenting styles, peer relationship, the South African context and the role of media.
Early Bonding and attachment experiences
There are various bonding attachments that exist from birth till adulthood. For Hannah the attachments are; Mary Ainsworth’s attachment theory and Sigmund Freud’s psychosexual theory. Ainsworth’s forms of attachments are; secure,
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Bronfenbrenner developed five systems of interaction; microsystem is the immediate contact with the individual, mesosystem is the connections formed by the microsystem, exosystem is the social setting which affects the individual indirectly, the macrosystem is the cultural values and laws and the chronosystem makes you who you are as an individual (Hook, 2009). Hannah’s microsystem is her parents, peers and teachers, her mesosystem is when the parents interact with the teacher about her behaviour towards her peers, her exosystem is where her parents work, her macrosystem is the cultural values and laws and her chronosystem is her mom having PND which made Hannah not be warm and friendly towards her peers. She does not have a good relationship with her peers because she is fighting with them and she feels as though they hate her which is why she refuses to go to school. Although she does well academically she is finding it hard to make friends at school and none of her peers seemed to have not approached her at school and when they do she responds violently and gets into…show more content…
Where Hannah and her family live, there is a high rate of abuse which is a norm.

The role of media
Albert Bandura’s observational learning theory is a good example of how media plays a role on how an individual can be influenced. Observational learning is about an individual responding to what has been said or seen (Weiten, 2016). There ae four processes involved; attention, learning by observing, retention, storing what has been learned, reproduction, enacting what has been observed and motivation is doing the observed action as necessary. Hannah does a lot of observational learning through her parents and media, when her parents smack her for wanting attention, she enacts the same behaviour onto her peers at school and this is the result of her parents continuously repeating the smack occasionally out of frustration and Hannah sees it as the right thing to do towards her peers. Another contribution to Hannah’s aggressive behaviour is the fact that she watches wrestling and boxing with her dad which results in her being aggressive at home and at
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