Bronson Alcott Fruitlands Case Study

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Once again, Bronson Alcott suffered financial struggle. After his Fruitlands disaster, the Alcott had only “thirty-two dollars to [their] name” (166). The family had to temporary stayed with the Lovejoys. The economic woes definitely impacted Bronson the most for he still “unwilling to relinquish the dream that had unraveled before his eyes,… maintaining a spartan diet and wearing the linen leggings and tunics from his experiment” (166). Many would see this as a stage of denial. Eventually, he found himself overworking on his new projects and practicing his lifestyle in Fruitlands. Abba and many surrounded him became alarmed by his behavior. Many described his mental stage as “possessed,…temporarily insane,… [and] madness” (168). The frustration
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