Bronxnet Studio Reflection

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My activities at BronxNet studio was a review of my past camera and lighting class. I had the opportunity to continue practicing with the studio equipment. At the post production I learn how to edit packages using final cut pro. My activities at the studio and at the post production became a routine. At the studio before the show started I had to help setting up the studio. At BronxNet studio in the morning show they have to section A and B. I constantly had to move the BronxNet signs, the table, and chairs. It all depended on how many guess the host had. I also help with the audio making sure that the equipment had the right audio levels. I had to speak on the microphone by doing a countdown to make sure the audio were good. I had to make sure that there was enough battery on the equipment. If there were more than two show the battery…show more content…
I also put the BronxNet logo in through the whole footage. I made sure when I selected the footage not to cut the person voice. I then work on the audio making sure the levels were arrange to the right levels. I then work on selecting transition to make the footage run smooth. I actually like it when the reporter did not give me instruction because I was able to be creative. Sometime the reporter provided in the script the interviewees name and tittle on the script. If not I had to find it on the footage. I was able to do three packages with reporter’s scrips. My last package was without reporter script. I only had the footage so I had to be creative and created my own story. I had to place at the beginning someone important of the event giving an idea what the event is all about. Then I had to put other people talking about the events trying to create a story line. At the ending I had to put a good message of the event. I will be back on the beginning of January because I will like to do hours on the show Dialogo Abierto in the
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