Bronze Medallion Reflection

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Every summer for the past ten years, I have spent time at YMCA Camp Wanakita. Most recently, I began the Student Counselor (SC) program last August. As a part of the SC program, First Year SCs work on physical skills that relate to a future job as a camp counselor, including earning their Bronze Medallion. The Bronze Medallion is a lifeguarding certification that includes a timed distance swim, called the endurance swim at camp, along with training in various water-based injury scenarios, As I was never a particularly strong swimmer, I was understandably worried by the daily two hours of swimming mandated by the SC course, and the final exams for the Bronze Medallion, especially having ignored my brother’s recommendations of preparing for…show more content…
A large part of how I managed to pass my Bronze Medallion was my effective use of the practice time given to me during the course. First, students were given time to work on their spinal rolls, and while many didn’t spend their time actually working on their spinal rolls, I tried to make the best possible use of my time. I next tried to make the best use of the allotted time given to practicing scenarios, which are realistic simulations where one person pretends to have an injury on the water, and the other acts as the lifeguard, guiding him in, then treating him as necessary. After the practice time given to scenarios finished for the day, I also made use of the practice endurance swims at camp, never cheating or skipping lengths. Even after the mandatory endurance swims, I participated in all the optional endurance swims, as well. Finally, I made use of the extra swimming time available throughout the day, called “buddy swims”, to work on towing victims and spinal rolls. After I had gotten cold from standing in the water, I spent time improving my swimming form, in order to warm up. In conclusion, practice time was vital for me to survive earning by Bronze
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