Brooke Raboutou's Greatest Accomplishments

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At 11 years old, Brooke Raboutou shattered a world record, becoming the youngest and shortest person to climb 5.14b, a climbing route difficult enough to challenge even highly athletic people, especially if they have no experience climbing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Her list of accomplishments is quite lengthy and makes me question how I spent my time as a child. For one, I didn’t break any world records – although I was the fastest kid on a tricycle on my block (that counts for something, right?) To give myself some credit though, my mom and dad weren’t exactly athletic. Both of Brooke’s parents, however, were former world champion climbers. As a result, Brooke naturally carried on their legacy by attempting her first climb at 1. By the age of 4 or 5, she began climbing regularly and since then, her life has been filled with amazing stories of travel and adventure.…show more content…
and travel around the world. The ABC program was founded in October 2004, by none other than Brooke’s parents, Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and Didier Raboutou. Although the program is open to kids as young as 2 years old, the Competition Team ABC that Brooke is part of is comprised of members that are performing at a top level for their ages. All athletes are not only taught how to climb, but also how to work with sponsors and the
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