Brooklyn Brawler Essay

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15. The Brooklyn Brawler – Steve Lombardie, known to WWE fans as The Brooklyn Brawler, never had a great in-ring career with WWE. He was the ultimate jobber and reared his leathery head only to be handily defeated by more popular superstars. However, he spent more than 30 years working behind the scenes. Owing to his close friendship with Vince McMahon, Lombardie was kept on the payroll and given odd jobs for three decades to ensure he always had a steady source of income. Some even say that McMahon would go out of his way to protect Lombardie from various sexual assault lawsuits, brought on by his inability to control himself around WWE divas and other female employees. At the end of the day, however, business is business and The Brooklyn…show more content…
Although that probably isn’t true, the stories of the true extent of their bromance persist to this day, though they are usually spread by guys who have been let go from WWE under acrimonious circumstances. 9. Hardcore Holly – Hardcore Holly was never a major star in WWE, but he was a guy the company could go to when they needed somebody to put over a new guy in a decent match. Although Holly never progressed beyond the mid-card, he remained with WWE for over a decade, in large part due to his friendship with Vince McMahon. After signing Holly to the then World Wrestling Federation in 90s, McMahon took it upon himself to get to know his new signee personally, something which he liked to do at the time. After a number of lengthy conversations with Holly, Vince learned that he had a passion for NASCAR, and so the Spark Plug gimmick was born. While performing as Spark Plug, Bob Holly would regularly appear in vignettes alongside a custom made, fully functional race car, which had been commissioned by the company. After the gimmick was abandoned and Holly was repackaged, McMahon gifted him the car, ensuring years of loyal duty from the perpetual
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