Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers Essay

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Many activities done for fun are derived from historical beginnings. The game of football, for example, is believed to have descended from the Ancient Greek game harpaston. The word, harpaston, is referred to as meaning a very rough and brutal game. Basketball first came about as an “athletic distraction” being a less injury-prone sport than football; but, has evolved into a popular sport. Equally as popular is the game of baseball. Did you know that baseball is one of the most iconic things in America next to apple pie? Ball games have been played throughout centuries; in America, where baseball originated, the game generally traces its lineage back to some combination of cricket and rounders, two games brought over by European settlers. …show more content…

The team name, Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, was coined in 1895. “Trolley Dodgers” the part of the team name, referred to pedestrians avoiding fast cars on the streetcar tracks that bordered Eastern Park on two sides. The name also implied the dangers posed by the trolley cars, which were made faster as a result of the switch from horse-power to electrical power in 1892. Later on, the team name was shortened to Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers played in two stadiums in South Brooklyn, each named Washington Park, and at Eastern Park in 1913. The team is noted for signing Jackie Robinson, as the first black player in the modern major leagues. Although this team moved to Los Angeles, its team name has history in its initial state, …show more content…

The word Padres is the Spanish word for “fathers”. That word was used to reference the Spanish Franciscan friars who founded San Diego in 176. “The Swinging Friars’ is currently the mascot of the team. The original owner of the Padres was C. Arnholt Smith, who was with them team when they joined the statuses of major league baseball. As of 2016, the Padres are the only team in the Major League Baseball (MLB) yet to throw a no-hitter since their addition to the league in 1969. From the east coast to the west coast, baseball has left an indelible mark in history. Unlike football and basketball, baseball has come to be known as “the national pastime”. From its beginning, baseball has entertained millions. Although, many do not attempt to trace back team names to their historical origins, some of the origins are pretty noteworthy. The famous words of George Carlin best described the history of baseball when he wrote: “Baseball is the only sport that appears backwards in a

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