Summary Of Bros Before Hos The Guy Code By Michael Kimmel

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The author, Michael Kimmel was a sociologist professor. He would write or edit many books about men and their masculinity. In his piece “Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code,” he talks and explains what the guy code is. For all guys, the guy code means masculinity. In Kimmel writing, he discusses the different ways that society today guys from ages 16 to 26 about behavior. Also, I Kimmel’s writing, he listed four basic rules on masculinity. The first rule he listed was “No Sissy Stuff,” which means to guys that they shouldn’t reveal their weakness to anyone. The second on the list was “Be a Big Wheel,” which means that masculinity is quantifying between “wealth and power.” The third rule is to “Be a Sturdy Oak,” this says that all guys must be dependable
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