Brother Armstrong Research Paper

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Innocent Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. A young boy wrongly accused. (PAUSE) This case is about a boy called Brother Armstrong that has been wrongly accused of murdering his younger brother, Doodle Armstrong. The evidence and information that I will provide states the innocents of Brother Armstrong. The two brothers at the age of 12 and 5 wished to live life to its best. Using the evidence such as Brothers actions towards Doodle such as helping him accomplish many things and laughing along with him. Along with other evidence and information should prove that Brother Armstrong is innocent and a clearer image of what had happened and why Brother Armstrong should not be charged guilty. (PAUSE) The time of Doodles death Brother Armstrong was only 12 still just a young boy. The two boys Doodle and Brother Armstrong loved each other. Brother had helped Doodle do something no one thought he could do which was walk and run. Infact Brother Armstrong was not even old enough to know what…show more content…
You would not if you truly cared which Brother Armstrong did. Knowing that Doodle could walk made Brother Armstrong cry tears of joy then when he had showed his family they also were shocked and happy even Doodle was. All the time that the two brother spent together was mostly doing fun activities together. Brother Armstrong and Doodle had went and done many things together after Doodle had learnt to walk like going down to the pond and Brother teaching him how to swim. To kill or harm some is physical and you'd have to plan or cause something to happen. When Doodle died Brother Armstrong was not near him nor did he cause or plan for it to happen and he even went after Doodle when he called but it was to late. Before brother Armstrong got their it was Doodle and ropes hanging from the sky that took away their happiness. It was how death was described in this situation from the storm.
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