Brother Baseball Hobby

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A brother is a person that help you because he has pass experience my brother taught me to play baseball because when he was little he didn 't have a older brother to teach him. So that is why i 'm honoring him. His name is Jesus ‘’ Chewy’’ he taught me to be athletic and he help me to get better and better at everything. He wanted a little brother so badly because all he had was 3 sister and when my mom told him that I was a boy he was so happy but that was what my mom said. I going to tell you about his baseball career/ career/ What he does on his free time. I going to talk about my brother baseball career because he cares about me and that is why he teaches me baseball. He teaches me other sports but mostly baseball and somethime basketball. He teaches…show more content…
It come from church because everything happened in the past and he like read all the story so he like it. He is going to Niacc but the he is going to BV university and he is super smart he never had to study for his test and get A’s all the time. Be is smart and help me with my homework. He does a lot of thing on his free time he lifts and he coaches. He coaches soccer and coached baseball we won 5 championship in soccer and 1 championship in baseball. He is a awesome coach because he kno what he doing and he try to have fun once in a will and he is competitive and funny.He lift on his free time to because he want to get stronger and better at sports. Sometime we go to the wellness center and he coaches me and we go up stairs and lift and we run. That is what my brother does on his free time. That is my brother life and about what he does. I talk about his baseball career and his schooling and what he does on his free time. He is a awesome brother and he want me to get better at everything and he want me to reach my goals. So I will not trade my brother for
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