Buddy Ostrea Jr Essay

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Before he was a doctor, he was a pianist. From age three, he played the piano. By the time he was 20 and entering medical school, he was not only good at playing the instrument but was very accomplished. He loved classical music, and music would help mould him into a very good doctor. Love for piano Enrique “Buddy” Ostrea Jr is one of five children. His mother was a pharmacist but also studied at a music conservatory. She insisted that her children make music a part of their lives starting at a young age. The girls would learn the piano; the boys, violin. But at three, Dr Buddy’s arms were far too short for the violin. Instead of bending his arm to properly hold the instrument, he had to stretch it out straight. To get him started in music…show more content…
He said listening to his compositions, he would always think the end sounded like something Chopin or some other composer wrote. It was the scientist in him that made him want to stick to structure, although he can be quite creative as a musical arranger. Music always He appreciates most forms of music except hard rock and jazz. He finds the latter too free, which went against his being a stickler for structure. Music is definitely a huge part of Dr Buddy’s life. It not only relieves him of stress but also enables him to stay connected to his human spirit, ultimately making him a better physician. Arthritis in his hand has not stopped him from playing, although he now plays more for pleasure than applause. As president of the Breath of Life Foundation, he occasionally performs at fund-raising activities specifically to raise money to provide underfunded hospitals in the Philippines with one of his inventions for premature babies, the OstreaVent, a less expensive ventilator that is critical in saving the lives of newborns. Yes, this musician is not just an excellent neonatologist but also an outstanding scientist and researcher. The Meconomium Drug Test Kit is his patented invention. And he is living life according to his terms – content, comfortable, and with
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