Brother Morgan's Story Of The Dream Woman Analysis

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An assumption, as defined by the Oxford dictionary, is "a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof". It is human nature to make assumptions, and we do so every day, whether we acknowledge this fact or do not it still continues to be just that, a fact. Wilkie Collins's short story,"Brother Morgan's Story of the Dream Woman", explores just how an assumption can affect those participating in such assumption. Collins uses his characters, conflict, and language to emphasize the theme that assumptions tend to lead to unfortunate ends for both parties involved. Wilkie Collins, also known as William Wilkie Collins, was born 1824 and died 1889. He lived and worked in London most of his life. He was an "early master of the…show more content…
Once Mrs. Scatchard, Isaac's mother, heard of this she wrote the description down so that she would not forget. Many years later, after a small stroke of fortune, Issac comes into town for some medicine for his mother. Whilst on this journey he meets a woman trying to commit suicide. He speaks kindly to her and she responds by telling him that because of his kindness she would not kill herself that night. After a short time, he asks for her hand in marriage and they devise a plan to tell his mother about their meeting for Rebecca, the woman who had been wanting to kill herself, did not believe Mrs. Scatchard would be pleased with the truth about their meeting. Although they devised this plan very thoroughly Rebecca had not taken into account the possibility that she had resembled the dream woman. She, however, did not know anything about this for she was not told about the situation nor would she be for the rest of the tale. Sadly Mrs. Scatchard insults Rebecca by bringing her resemblance to the dream woman up to Issac. Issac does not end his courtship of Rebecca instead he weds her. A while after the wedding Rebecca takes to drinking and this may be caused by Issac's decision to not trust his wife. Collins describes Rebbecca before the wedding as " kindness itself with him. She never made him feel his inferior capacities and inferior manners.
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