Brotherhood In S. E. Henton's The Outsiders

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In S.E.Henton 's novel The Outsiders, she captures the strong sense of brotherhood through the development of three of the main characters. This story shows that even through rough times, they always have your back and love you the most. After running away, Ponyboy returns home very late, he comes to find that his two brothers may not be the brothers they used too be or at least that 's what he feels. Darry, Ponyboys oldest brother, and father figure, unleashes on Ponyboy about his curfew, he slaps him right across the face. Darry does this with a sense of worry, though Ponyboy takes it to the extreme. He runs away once again but this time it 's different, will he ever return home, or will his emotions keep him away? The two boys later…show more content…
I believe this letter will keep the bond between these three characters forever strong, and supportive of each other. Ponyboy also realizes that both brothers are equally cared for by Darry, in the beginning of the book Ponyboy felt he never earned the same respect as Soda, but the letter changed that. The quote "You hurt the ones you love the most" definitely relates to the relationship of Darry and Ponyboy. In my opinion you could see a different side of Ponyboy after he read the letter, there was almost a sence of light, and happiness I 've never seen, especially during a crisis. A couple days later the two brothers meet eye to eye, Darry immediately had tears rolling down his face, my heart sank reading this. Ponyboy hadn 't seen him like this even after the tragic death of his parents. Ponyboy at last knew his life could forever be lived happily. Also Darry has his back, he 's had it his whole life, although Ponyboy is just coming to realization. This letter gives Ponyboy a second chance, and I know that he will grasp this opportunity and create an unbreakable friendship. These boys have a very difficult life, and this is one of the many challenges, but with each other, anything can be overcome. These challenges only bring them
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