Brotherly Love In Sonny's Blues

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In James Baldwin’s story “Sonny’s Blues” it is showing that there is an obligation toward brotherly love. The love between brothers is something that doesn’t fade away. When Sonny was in jail it showed that what his older brother was trying to tell him the difference between what is right and what is wrong, before Sonny got caught was not to do drugs. Doing what is wrong can have a negative impact on our families, friends, our communities and the relationships with our siblings. By watching out for our younger siblings after a parent passes away is the biggest responsibility for the oldest child to have to bare. First, the obligation that comes with having a younger brother or younger sibling is the amount of love that is being given to the younger siblings by the older ones. Sometimes the amount of love that is shared between siblings can be depleted when and if they start fighting.…show more content…
Losing two parents puts more of the responsibilities on the older brother to watch, take care of, and shelter his younger sibling. Each responsibility comes along has some type of obstacles that will create some setbacks. While Sonny was safe in jail his brother took the time to start a family of his own as an example for Sonny when he got out. Every bad decision that Sonny made had a counter effect on his brother. In conclusion, the story “Sonny Blues” it showed that a brother’s love for his sibling can help overcome any type of obstacles. So, Sonny chose to take the easier path and earn back his brother’s love. The decisions that Sonny made in the past did not matter anymore to his older brother. Sonny expresses himself through music so he doesn’t fall back into being addict and end up back in jail. So, if Sonny learned not to do drugs when he was younger what would he be doing with his life at this
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