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I have chosen to write about brown bears. Classifying about brown bears, brown bears belong to Kingdom Animalia. Not only are brown bears, other animals also belonged in Kingdom Animalia. In Kingdom, prokaryotes are not contained, and instead it contains eukaryotes. All animals belonged in Kingdom Animalia, are multicellular, mobile, reproduce sexually and heterotrophs. (Myers, 2001) The definition of heterotrophs is an organism that is unable to synthesize its own organic carbon-based compounds from inorganic sources, hence, feeds on organic matter produced by, or available in, other organisms. (Biology-online, 2008) Inside heterotrophic there is carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous. Carnivorous are meat eaters, herbivorous are plant eaters, and omnivorous are both plant and meat eaters. Brown Bears are omnivorous. So, brown bears eat plants and animals that are available to be…show more content…
Family Ursidae is what bears are belonged to. This family is categorized by large size, small eyes, rounded ears, very short tail, and plantigrade posture. Plantigrade is a posture were the brown bear walk or run flatly on the full sole of the foot. (Animal Ark, 2013) Brown bears foot is known as paws. They have four paws and each of it has five toes for brown bears. The toes result in long claws, and two front paws have toes within longer claws than on the back paws. The front paws are used in ripping logs that have bugs inside (so that the brown bears are able to eat the bugs). Brown bears need the front paws for digging. They also have to back paws are bigger than the two front paws that is used for the brown bear to stand by its’ hind legs, for surveying their surroundings or for getting food away from higher areas. Brown bears have specially structured paws and legs. These specially structured paws and legs help the brown bear to run rapidly, climb trees, and swim strongly. (A-Z Animals,

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