Brown Girl Dreaming Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…As Jimenez focuses on the use of his perspective and memories to shape the telling of his story, asking students to bring in an object related to their families heritage could be a powerful tool. After asking students to bring in a “heritage” related object, students could be instructed to write their memories and stories down concerning the object that they selected. In addition, photographs could be utilized to help students understand their family’s origin story. Asking a student to bring in their favorite family photo and creatively free write about how and why the photo was taken, in addition to where their family comes from, would be an interesting way to link Breaking Through to the students life. Jimenez consistently breaks down how and why is family is where they are in the text, while creatively telling his origin story. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson is a memoir told in verse. It details Woodson’s feelings of being stuck between South Carolina and New York. The memoir uses poems to illustrate growing up as an African American during the time of the Civil Rights movement in America. In addition, it chronicles Woodson’s struggles with literacy and eventual accomplishments. Woodson’s voice is thoughtful and captivating as she tells the story of how her families poverty and heartache guide her on her quest to accomplish the American
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