Brown V. Board Of Education: The Plessy Vs. Ferguson Case

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If a person from 1975 through to the present and see black and white people are studying in the same school and sitting together, the person might doubt that what he saw. “The case Brown v. Board of education happened on May 17, 1954 in the United States. Before this case, Plessy v. Ferguson case was adopted by the supreme court at 1896, which was segregation not violated the fourteenth amendment so that separate race is equal in law.” (Duignan) Even though Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and gave black people the right to vote after he became the president of the United States in 1861, it does not lead to the equal between white and black at that moment. During the civil right movement, Brown v. Board of education case changed the segregation…show more content…
Furthermore, the case overturned the decision of Plessy v. Ferguson.” (Duignan,) “The successful of Brown v. Board of education case cannot leave Thorgood Marshall who is the first African American lawyer on the supreme court. He contradicted the segregation in public school between African American and white is a key to against the declare “separate but equal”.” (Sementkpwski) He is an important character in this case. Also, because he is an African American, he will do as much as he can for his compatriots and he is willing to fight for his people for the equal right in society. However, the case does not quickly change the society. It is because “the supreme court does not indicate the exact time after they declare “separate but unequal”.” (Duignan) Therefore, some white people start to ignore and delay integrated public school so that the changing of racial segregation in public school is very slow. “Although most states are desegregated, the public schools in Southern announce that they would rather close the school if they need to desegregate.” (Duignan) Since people are revolting the proclaim, the society needs more time to adapt the…show more content…
Undoubtedly, the case help Unite state to move forward. Firstly, African American children gets a better environment to study and have a higher level education after the case because the equipment in black school is not as well as white had, and they do not have enough resources. Correspondingly, the relationship between black and white becomes softened after the case in some area. In the book EYE ON THE PRIZE, one of the article mentioned “the relationship between white and Negro has been far closer in the segregated. For example, white and Negro are farm neighbors. They share same the same calamities – the mud, the hail, the weevils.” (Kilpatrick,29) These things are hard to imagine before the brown v. board of education, but it shows that the case is a huge step to connect all people together. Furthermore, even the case help the situation of segregation becomes better. It does not mean there does not have segregation anymore, but it still exists even in today. According to an article By Michael W. Chapman, “the unemployment rate of black is 9.2%, which is more than double white unemployment of 4.4%.” The data indicate the obvious social status of black and white

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