Brown Vs Board Of Education Essay

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The film, Eyes on the Prize: Fighting Back, Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas is put to the test. During the Supreme Court case of Brown Vs The Board of Education, many people fought for schools to end segregation of the students. This means that black and white students would attend the same schools together. The Supreme Court case made its final decision and made it illegal to segregate students. Central High School was the school that let black students in first. The NAACP let in 9 black students at Little Rock and they were called the Little Rock Nine. Even though many people fought to not have them there, President Eisenhower fought to keep them there. This led to an uproar from the community and a lot of violence. At one point the governor even has to call out the national guard and the students had to be escorted to class by police. By the end of the film, only one black student is left to graduate…show more content…
This film shows a huge issue with federalism. Within the test cases shown in the video, we see the national law that requires desegregation and the state laws stating that blacks and whites must be segregated clashing. The Brown Vs Board of Education case determined that the "separate but equal" doctrine violated the constitution because it did not offer equal protection to all people. This made some state governments very angry because they believed that ruling schools to be desegregated violated their personal rights, which was obviously not the case. The state governments didn't want to help desegregate the schools because the governors wanted the students to be segregated, but since national law stated that students will not be segregated or discriminated against, they sent help from the National Guard to protect the black students. The presidents even had to get involved issuing court orders to allow students to be enrolled in
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