Brownback Argumentative Essay

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Sam Brownback, the 46th Governor of Kansas, has one goal in mind and that is to make Kansas the best place for families to grow. However, as of now, Brownback is not able to achieve his goal because he had caused a massive state debt due to cutting taxes. These controversial actions can put Kansas in a dark hole. Brownback was elected again by the Kansas citizens in 2014. Sam Brownback should not have been elected again as the Governor of Kansas because he is cutting money for public schooling, he is increasing the tax rate on the lower class and middle class to make up for his debt, and increasing taxes are causing Kansans to flee. In an effort to make up for the debt, Brownback plans to cut millions of dollars from public school funding. Michele Richinick, claims that “Senate vote on…show more content…
The state financials are now a chaos, due to Brownback’s actions. However, his plan backfired and now one of his options are to take budgets from the all the schools as high as forty-five million dollars and more. If Brownback starts to take away the school fundings then the schools would not be able to afford more textbooks, essential supplies, and even have to make the schools cancel games and activities just because they do not have any more funds to support it. This causes students to not be able to have a good education compared to the kids in other states. Not only is Brownback cutting public school funding, which is affecting the kids at the schools, but it also heavily is affecting the teachers. Sam Zeff, states that “after the huge tax cuts were enacted, over 170 applications for Missouri teaching licenses were filled with a Kansas Address” (Zeff). Kansas teachers are quitting their jobs and moving to a different state because other border states like Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska are offering better benefits. Another reason why teachers nowadays are quitting their job is due to the unreasonable low
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