Brownback In Kansas

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As the Kansas motto ad astra per aspera, meaning “to the stars through difficulties” states, it seems to some that the difficulties the state is facing may be too hard to overcome if Brownback’s plans are continued to be put to action. Governor Brownback’s current policies are leading the state of Kansas down a path of future failure. Both fiscal and social political issues are arising with no signs of being resolved. Currently, Kansas citizens are finding much to complain about in terms of taxes and Brownback’s ideology as a whole. The citizens of the state of Kansas should not re-elect Brownback because of the poor state he is pushing the state towards with his extreme education cuts, tax increases, and the overall perception he places on…show more content…
While Kansan’s generally perceive Kansas’ current economic and social state dramatically worse than outsider’s, the fact that distant state’s are even talking about it shows that there are obviously problems and controversy to overcome. Currently, Kansas is in an experimental stage, according to Chris Suellentrop of the New York Times who says “it is one of the boldest and most ambitious agendas undertaken by any politician in America” (Suellentrop). Brownback’s ultimate plan is to eliminate income taxes, but that plan does not come without any costs. Citizens are suffering through the downsides of his actions and it has been blatantly stated that “people are leaving Kansas” (Suellentrop). This is not good for Kansas business, as businesses and people move away, Brownback’s plan will only continue to dwindle. It does not portray Kansas as a successful or admirable state to live in either, likely preventing people from potentially moving here. Brownback’s true misunderstanding and inability to acknowledge his flaws is seen by a direct quote from Brownback himself in which he states “Unemployment is low and Kansas sports teams are winning. What’s not to like?” (Shelly). He ignores the bigger issues and brushes off what he could really say about the current state of Kansas. As for the sports teams reference, while it could be perceived as a joke, it still exhibits his lack of interest in discussing the true issues with his citizens. The public’s general dismay of the governor is shown by the statistic that only 18% of Kansas residents are very or somewhat satisfied with Brownback. (Kraske). This is a very low rating, but is not extremely shocking with all of the controversy surrounding Kansas politics. As an active citizen of Kansas, one should want a governor that is open to discussing the issues and is interested in the insight of what the people want. What they do
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