Brownie Research Paper

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Destinee Murph
Chef Price
Intermediate Baking(BKNG2000)
04 May 2016
What was the first batch of brownies that you ever had, was it made of a box that was picked up in a supermarket or was it a batch of brownies that grandma made to go with Sunday. Brownie is a flat, baked square or bar. It as a texture between cake and cookie and can be hard or more like fudge depending on the type of recipe that you decide to use. It is said that brownies get the name that they have from the cookie like dessert itself. Many people think that brownies are from American origin. In this paper the different types of brownies, the history of brownies, and the different flavors of brownies.
There are two major types of brownies there is the homemade
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They also have brownies that have marijuana in them,, when it is not against the law which gives a therapeutic oral delivery of the drug. Which have been rising in resent decades. There are over 50 different flavors types that people try on a day to day basis, whether they saw a video showing them how to do it or they heard from a friend that they just must have it and it will change their life. One of the more popular types of brownies is called Blondie, which contains no chocolate but instead made with brown sugar. Cake like brownies are like little cakes, they contain less butter and more flour than fudge brownies and contain baking powder to make them lighter. whereas chewy brownies get their texture from an extra egg an a combination of different chocolates. In a classic brownie recipe there is butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and cake…show more content…
For those people who want to indulge but with health fads and diet restrictions increasing there have been brownies that secretly add healthy ingredients such as beets, pureed carrots, and black beans. To summarize this up brownies can be for everyone and there are different ways to create the perfect brownie that fits the taste of the consumer.

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