Brownie Spider Persuasive Speech

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Anne, It is obvious, but I am extremely proud of you. We do not have that close of a relationship, but I am always here for you whenever you need me. Brownie-Spider helped develop my voice and I hope it does the same for you. Though, it comes with a lot of responsibilities…it is a blast. I know everyone says this, but please cherish your last November at St. Tim’s. Soon, you will be walking through the moon gate and graduating. You have a long, yet short road ahead of you and I am truly looking forward to watching you succeed throughout your senior year. What’s really important about Brownie-Spider, is to make sure everyone is enjoying the tradition. You know how sensitive people can be, so you have to try your best to put yourself in their shoes. As you get further into tryouts, people aren 't stupid…they will know the group of people you are looking at. With that being said, you have to try and mix everyone up, meaning a few people you are looking at with a few people you aren 't really looking at. Towards the very end is the time to make things a little more obvious.…show more content…
Anyone who runs, is as deserving as the girl beside her. Being a leader, you will be looked up to. People are going to ask you a bucket load of questions. Remember, the less information they know…the better. If people keep nagging you then politely advise them to see one of the Spider advisors. It will be stressful, but if you PLAN AHEAD everything will be fine. I highly recommend that you use the summer to plan out your schedule, tryout lists, and relay race lists. The more you know going into the two weeks, the better. If you have to, you can FaceTime Katie…that’s what Tori and I
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