Brownies By Zz Packer Analysis

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The plot of the short story, “Brownies”, by ZZ Packer, is of a troop of young girl scouts who are of African American descent. The story depicts them attempting to brawl with another group due to the “brownie” troop assuming another called them a particular insult. Whether the other troop, Troop 909, in called the others a racial slur is left to ambiguity, although it is strongly suggested that they did not in fact refer to them in an invective manner. When the other troop is confronted about it, it is discovered that Troop 909 simply consisted of mentally disabled girls all in one group. Due to this, it is only fitting that the theme of the story was to indicate individuals with disadvantages in life should rejoice and unify rather than combat…show more content…
Mennonites are inclined to do what others tell them as a result of their religion while blacks must do what they are told forcefully or there are severe consequences they face at the time the story takes place. One can infer that the objective of the story at the end was to show that racism is and forever will be existent. Though this can be disputed it is shown through the main character at the end as she states, “and suddenly knew there was something mean in the world I could not stop” (Packer, 28). Vague as it is, the most probable conviction the “mean” concept in the world that could not be stopped is racism. As long as diversity exists, and multiple people of different backgrounds inhabit one space, the discrimination of another will eventually ensue as it is something all human beings inherently have in their heart be it intentional or otherwise, no matter how strongly they believe against it. It is quite ironic how people who have been oppressed for the majority of their existence find it so easy to pick a target to begin to
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