Case Study Of Britax Child Care

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A product can be either a tangible good or intangible service that fulfils a need or want of a consumer. (Purely Branding, 2015)

Britax manufactures many different types of car seats. They range from economical booster seats for toddlers to the top of the range seats designed for older children or children with special needs. There are three different stages that a child will require a car seat between birth and 12 years of age. These stages are based on the weight and height of the child so it is important to use the correct car seat based on these criteria’s.

Britax invests a lot of money into research and development before designing a product.
Their car seats are designed with special padded wings to help protect the child’s
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Britax comes out on top in the majority of reviews as the safest in the world. This is the key advantage they have over their competitors.
We believe in family life without limits’. This is the core value of Britax Childcare. They believe in putting family life first by producing top quality child safety products. They are aware that parents will not compromise on their children’s safety and so Britax is never happy with ‘good enough’ They will stop at nothing until they achieve the safest option for all their products

Britax has a strong brand identity which gives them a competitive advantage. The safety conscious consumer who wants quality and reassurance from a trusted brand know that is exactly what they will get when purchasing a Britax product. Most websites that review child car seats give top star ratings to the Britax brand compared to rival brands. These reviews come from consumers who have bought a Britax product and so have firsthand experience.
(Mums Net, n.d.)
Britax have helped set the standards with regard to safety regulations consequently consumers are more likely to buy from a company that not only adheres to safety standards but who also sets
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They can do this by offering less features such as colour preference or cup holders.
Place ensures that the product is distributed and made available to the consumer at the right location at the right time. (, 2015)
Britax do not own any retail outlets. They sell via distribution networks worldwide. These networks sell direct to the retailer that vary from specialist baby care stores like Mothercare, specialist shops for automobile parts like Halfords to online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay.
Because children car seats could be classed as a speciality product this demonstrates to me that ‘selective distribution’ is used.
Selective distribution is when producers uses a limited number of outlets in a geographical area to sell their products. Selective distribution works best when consumers want to shop around and who may have a preference for a specific brand or price, this means they can search in outlets that carry that brand for example baby care outlets. The use of this type of distribution helps Britax obtain optimum market coverage.
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