Batman As A Hero

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Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) is one of the most iconic superheroes in the history of comics and the world. Although some may consider him a vigilante because of the way he takes justice into his own hands, he is an ally to the people of Gotham, bringing peace to the city in its darkest nights. The story of how Batman came to be can be quite complex and is seen in various versions but in most, Bruce is disgraced by the death of his parents: Thomas (owner of a massive Wayne company) and Martha Wayne. Therefore, as this essay progresses, I will like to analyze various aspects of Batman's biography and psychology such as "Home", how he was raised by his parents, their unexpected deaths, and all of the elements that made Bruce who he is today. "Identity",…show more content…
According to a section of the online book "Keywords for Children's Literature", (pgs. 109-112), by Karen Coats, it is "related to the property of sameness or consistency of an element regardless of the influence of other variables". Batman is known by different names such as The Dark Knight, World's Greatest Detective, Caped Crusader and Matches Malone, all referring to the same person, but has one true identity: Bruce Wayne. He must maintain his true face hidden from the public to avoid becoming vulnerable and a target to his many foes. Although Bruce has managed to keep this information a secret from society there are few people who know he is Batman. Ra's al Ghul is one of these few people but does not expose him out of respect for his pupil. In fact, Ra's played a crucial part in Bruce's inspiration of The Dark Knight. Other than his intense physical and mental training al Ghul left him with an important phrase that forever lives in Bruce's memory: "...If you devote yourself to an idea, than you become something else entirely" (Ra's al Ghul, "Batman Begins"), meaning that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to if he is committed enough to do…show more content…
"Purpose" is the most important aspect of Bruce's life, revealing why he became the Caped Crusader and what drives him forward. "Purpose" is stated in the online book "Reality: Fundamental Topics in Metaphysics", (pgs. 175-183), by Peter Loptson as "...An end or goal in view...imaginative or conceptual consciousness trained on the future...”.The reason Bruce became a bat in the first place was the phobia that he felt for them, "Bats frighten me..." (Bruce Wayne, "Batman Begins"). Fear is natural in most human beings. It is a "painful emotion experienced when one is confronted by threatening danger or evil". The response for most people who fear something is to run away from what they are scared of and feel safe afterwards. On the other hand there are some people like Bruce Wayne who embrace their fear, this is called "caraphobic reactions". For example, someone who is afraid of heights might climb a mountain and feel an adrenaline rush that makes them feel powerful in some sense. This is exactly what happens to Bruce when he decides to become Batman, using his own phobia to inflict fear upon his enemies and dominate them. This is also the reason why his headquarters is in the famous "Bat cave", forever reminding himself to use his fear as a weapon against evil. Evil, in the online book of "Collateral Language: A User's Guide to America's New War", (pgs.65-78), by Laura

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