Bruce Catton Analysis

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It is very appealing to me how the author went about writing this essay. He didn’t just blurt out the difference and similarities between the two great generals. Instead he started with some background about how the two generals met at a courthouse to sign papers that virtually ended the Civil War. He then proceeded to talk about Lee’s background and upbringing, and did the same for Grant. Through this he was able to bring about the main point of contrast between the two generals; their motive for fighting. Shortly after talking about how the two are different, he began to show how the two generals were similar in their determination and fervor to fight. Throughout the essay, the author, Bruce Catton, is able to keep a very neutral tone. He never picks a side which I think is very important in a compare and contrast essay. It is the most fair way to display information to a reader since there is no bias and opinion getting in the way of the facts at hand.…show more content…
Grant believed that all of the United States should be one large community, while Lee believed that the only important connection is to your home region. OF these two point of views, I think I have to agree more with Grant. It is called the United States of America for a reason, we shouldn’t be only loyal to our home towns, but rather to the country as a whole. If I was in Lee’s position, where I was trained as a general in the North, but when the war broke out and my hometown was part of the South, I would’ve stayed and fought with the North. While I do believe it is good to stay in touch with your roots, every man does owe it to their country to serve and protect against others who are trying to break the country apart. Lastly, I find it very interesting how even though Grant and Lee have had a very different upbringing, the way they fight is still very much the
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