Bruce Crane

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It is March 29, 1765 and the stamp act was enacted about a week ago. The Crane family is very upset over this act enforced by the British Parliament because they do not have a lot of money and it will cause a hardship for them financially. This act made people pay taxes on any printed legal document. Bruce Crane, his wife, and his three children were very upset over this act. The sugar act, which was passed a little under a year ago, already made things very hard on the family and this would just make matters worse. The sugar act put taxes on sugar and molasses. The Cranes ' were not very happy about this second act that Britain was enacting. Everything was extremely hard on Bruce Crane because he did not earn a lot with his job at the local iron factory. He had to support himself, his wife Janet Crane, and his three children, Alice, age 13, Ella, age 9 and their 5 month old brother, Oliver. Bruce loved his family so much. He even started to work more hours at the factory to earn more money to support his family with everything they needed. He was very surprised…show more content…
In October of 1765, nine colonies, out of thirteen, had delegates go to the Stamp Act Congress in New York. Congress declared that British subjects in colonies shared the same rights and liberties as the King 's subjects including not being taxed without representation. This declaration was called the Declaration of Rights and Grievances. Janet was very glad that Congress stepped up and did that. The Cranes ' were so glad that the Stamp Act was repealed in 1766. Everyone was so excited. Janet 's prayers were answered that day. Janet was so glad of what her husband did to try and support his family and she knew that he was smiling down on their family with God by his side. Even though they paid a price much more dearer than taxes in the death of her husband, Bruce, Janet thanked God everyday for what she had and she would for the rest of her life. She was glad her family and country were peaceful
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