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The University if Iowa is having an election for a new president for the University of Iowa. Once Novemeber comes the University will have it's new president. Iowa board of regents unanimously chosed Bruce Harreld as the 21st president. The community isn't to happy about Bruce as president. Harreld only gathered about 1.8 percent approval from the university's faculty and about 2.6 percent from the university overall. Even with these numbers, Harreld was still able to beat other candidates such as Marvin Krislov who had about 90 percent approval.
Bruce Harreld and Marvin kirslov are both candidates who are running for the new president of University of Iowa. They both have education and background experience. They met with students
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He has many experience that should help him be a good choice as the new president of University of Iowa. Iowa City Mayor Matt Hayek told Iowa City Press-Citizen that he thinks the new president of University of Iowa will be a good asset to the College, saying that the UI is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. With Bruce having a good business background, Mayor Matt thinks that Bruce could bring a lot of expertise and sound judgement to the position. With good reviews Bruce is getting, he is also getting bad reviews from other students and faculty. Some students and Faculty are opposing Bruce selection as president due to his false statements in his resume and lack of experience for higher education. According to Ed Folsom, Harreld filling a presidency that "looks to the Board of Regents for guidence and approval rather than looking to the University and community for guidence and approval is not a very profesional way to start as president of University of Iowa." Having Marvin Krislov as the new president for University of Iowa is better than having Bruce Harreld because, Marvin has a better experience in higher education and shows that he is qualified for the position. Bruce Harreld has gotten the community to start a controversy. Half of the students and faculty likes the idea and half does not. If Bruce does not get all studnets and faculty to support him then Bruce will have a hard time maintaining
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