Bruce Lee's Impact On The World

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According to Lee, “Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, movie star and cultural icon but his philosophy has caught fire around the world with a new generation seeking meaning and consciousness.” Bruce Lee inspired many with his philosophy and his martial arts skill. He proved the Chinese stereotypes wrong and became a very successful actor. He showed to the martial arts industry that there is more than standard and uptight karate. Bruce Lee impacted the world by breaking racial barriers in the world of acting, improving the sport of martial arts, and changing western action films. To begin, Bruce Lee broke racial barriers in the world of acting. He helped Americans realize that Chinese people are more than their facial features. According to Block, “As the first Asian international action star, he smashed the Western stereotype of the Chinese coolie, and provided reason for a whole generation of young Asians, as well as other minorities, to be proud of their heritage.” Lee proved many racist stereotypes wrong and he gained a lot of respect from many cultures around the world. Being Chinese in America not too long after World War ll, people were still wary and thought of him as suspicious. However, after he died, Lee was admired for his acting skills and bravery. According to Lowe, “Back in the '60s/ '70s, when cross-cultural attitudes weren 't so enlightened, Lee 's superstardom packed far-reaching power behind an uncompromising message: regarding one race as 'inferior
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