Bruce Springsteen's Accomplishments

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On a cold February night, Bronx, New York was given the reprehensible news that New York resident, Amadou Diallo was murdered by local police force. Supposedly approached for the resemblance of a serial rapist on the loose, the conflict began once Diallo reached for his wallet (Juzwiak and Chan). The police took little risk in the situation, believing that Diallo had possessed a weapon, and shot at the unarmed Bronx man forty-one times, immediately killing him. New Yorkers and Americans alike were stunned by the latest occurrence of violence. Music icon and singer-songwriter, Bruce Springsteen is widely known his associated work with the E Street Band, as well as his own individual accomplishments; with notable releases such as the 1975 album Born to Run and 1984 number one hit “Born in the U.S.A,” Bruce Springsteen’s career has amassed to extraordinary bounds. Throughout his lifetime, Springsteen hasn’t been nervous to release songs with strong message.
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